A million miles away from the rest of the world

When you gaze upon the striking beauty of the The Fish River Canyon, it is easy to see why it is the second most visited tourist site in Namibia. Every year hundreds of hikers from all over the world gear up to brave the extremes along a 90km trail from the eastern side and all vow to do it again.

The Fish River Lodge offers a unique canyon hiking experience to small parties of guests. Set in the western side of the Fish River Canyon, the 45 000ha Canyon Nature Park offers exclusive hiking and 4×4 access down into the canyon where 74km of the Fish River meanders through the privately-owned park.

To experience the beauty and serenity first hand, lace up your hiking boots, grab your binoculars and join us on a private journey along and down into the canyon.

Spa Treatment

As the natural beauty and serenity sets to work on calming the spirit, let our resident masseuse help you to relax those travel weary muscles in the privacy of your room. Swedish massage and indian head massage are offered by our professionally trained masseuse.

Fat bike trials

Join an experienced guide for a fat bike cycling trail.

Morning cycling tour

Start at 08h00 (winter time), right after breakfast, take a 22km cycling tour. We will provide you with a helmet and water on the trail. Take a little break and have a small snack. Our snack packs, will include energy bars, fruit & water.

Depending our your fitness, you can expect to be back at the lodge in 3hrs and 30min.

Sundowner cycling tour

Start at 15h00 (winter time), take 10km cycling tour on top of the canyon. We will provide you with a helmet and water on the trail. Be rewarded with a cold drink and snacks at our stunning sundowner spot. Cycle back to the lodge and freshen up before diner.

Depending our your fitness, you can expect to be back at the lodge in 2hrs and 30min.

Please note, NO hiking, half or full day from October – April

Fish River Lodge

Hundreds of people arrive in small groups to take the challenging 90km hike though the Fish River Canyon every year. Due to its remoteness and beauty, the trail has also become one of southern Africa’s most popular trails.

The Fish River Lodge, on the other hand, offers an exclusive 2, 3 or 5 days hiking packages exclusively to its guests that includes:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides
  • Carry only light day packs. Heavy gear is transported by the backup team to overnight camps along the way
  • Private chef serving bush dinners and breakfasts

Essentials to bring along on your hike

  • A small soft bag with your personal belongings that will be transported into the canyon by the ”back up” team. (Your other luggage will be kept safe at the lodge until you return.)
  • Small backpack for water and a lunch pack (supplied by the lodge)
  • Clothing — temperatures can vary from hot to chilly – come prepared for both. Comfortable hiking boots, bathing suit, hat, sun block and camera/binoculars

Health and Fitness
The decent into the canyon on the first day is very strenuous, once you have made the climb down into the canyon, the hike is less technical. Good health and a reasonable degree of fitness are required.


PLEASE NOTE: THE HIKING ACTIVITY CAN ONLY BE BOOKED THROUGH JOURNEYS NAMIBIA reservations@journeysnamibia.com  OR FISH RIVER LODGE fishriver@journeysnamibia.com

2 Days Hiking Package

N$ 6050 pp

1 Night
On arrival, the guest will be spending the night at the lodge.

1st Day Hike – 2nd Night
Depart with your guide for an enjoyable 14km day of hiking starting with a steep decent of half an hour in the first level of the lower canyon. You will pass through a stunning gorge and go through a second half an hour decent deeper into the canyon until you reach an oasis of natural rock pools where you can swim at your leisure. Meanwhile a back-up team will set up tents for you with stretchers, mattresses, nice and conformable duvets along with bucket shower and chemical toilettes before enjoying your second night dining by the light of the camp fire. A dedicated chef will be there for an unforgettable dining and breakfast experience.
Departure from the lodge will be at 08H00 and depending on the client’s fitness and pace, estimated arrival time at the fly camp is 15H00.

LAST DAY (back for lunch time at the lodge)

Option 1: Hike back to the lodge with departure at 07H30, arrival time at the lodge is estimated to be 12H00.

3 days hiking package

N$ 8250 pp

1 night
On arrival, the guests will be spending the first night at the lodge

1st day hike – 2nd night
You will be shuttled to the first lower point of the canyon and the hike will start will start from there, an enjoyable14 km hike along the mid-level of the canyon, and across the rocky plains to the camp.
Departure from the lodge will be at 08H00 and depending on the client’s fitness and pace, estimated arrival time at the camp is 15H00. After the day’s sweaty hike, you will have the opportunity to unwind and relax with ice cold drinks and snacks while watching the sun set over the plains of the upper canyon. Dinner at the camp will be accompanied by the warm campfire and the friendly camp service.

2nd day hike – 3rd night
During the second day you will enjoy the 17 km walk down stream along the river bed where you may observe a variety of water birds including Heron, Goshawk and Fish Eagle. Depending on the season, there might be wonderful water pools where you can cool down in. The second camp will be at the natural pool in between oldest rock formation, Namaqua Metamorphic Complex, which is an excellent place to swim and to be taken back millions of years.Departure from the first camp on the second day of hiking is 08H00 and arrival at the second camp is at about 16H00. Again, the guests can enjoy a relaxing sundowner with snacks and drinks followed by dinner.

last day (back for lunch time at the lodge)
Option 1: Hike back to the lodge with departure at 07H30, arrival time at the lodge is estimated to be 12H00.

Option 2: Depart at 09H00 and drive back to the lodge with arrival at the lodge at 12H00.

5 Days Canyon Hike

N$ 15400 pp

Day 1
Arrival at the lodge and overnight. Your guide will brief you on your forthcoming canyon adventure. Dinner is included.

Day 2
The first day hiking will include a steep 3-hour, 14km decent into the canyon, where you may see kudu, oryx, springbok even the elusive mountain (Hartmann’s) zebra. You will pass through a stunning gorge and hike down to the riverbed where you can swim in the rock pool before enjoying your first night dining by the light of the campfire.

Day 3
A gentle 17km amble along the riverbed where a variety of water birds including heron, goshawk and fish eagle are often spotted. After a short ascent to the upper level you reach your second camp on the edge of a gorge with spectacular views of the river.

Day 4
Descending back down into the riverbed, day three is a 17km hike along the floor of the canyon where enchanting geological features line this extraordinary landscape. Enjoy your last night camping under the magnificent African sky.

Day 5
A challenging 16km hike from the base of the canyon to a beautiful green oasis of acacia trees on the upper level, where you will be transported back to the lodge to relax before reflecting on your extraordinary adventure over dinner.

All Hiking packages are only available from April – September

Recommended equipment: small backpack, sturdy worn-in hiking boots, bathing costume and warm clothing for winter nights. You will need to be fit and healthy to enjoy this unique adventure.

PLEASE NOTE: No children under the age of 16 will be allowed to partake in the hiking activities.

N.B.: All drinks, meals, transport and activity are included in the two day packages. The activity is based on a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 10 people.


Scenic Sundowner Drive

January – December

We drive you to the scenic viewing points along the canyon rim from where you can enjoy sundowners as the hues change with the setting sun.

    • Sundowner drive times are season dependent. Starting at 15:00 during winter and 18:00 during summer. Be sure to leave plenty of time when arriving at the lodge
    • Enjoy a drink and snacks
    • Panoramic views of the canyon and the meandering Fish River below offering brilliant photo opportunities



Day Canyon Drive

January – December

The drive is an exhilarating descent deep in to the ravine and although safe, is sure to raise your heart rate. We are the only Lodge that has 4×4 access into the heart of the canyon.

  • Experienced guides will show you the geological features as you journey into the depths of the canyon. See rough limestone, shiny quartzites, fine shales and dramatic fault lines as the 500 million year old story unfolds.
  • Enjoy lunch at the permanent rock pools — perfect for a swim during warmer days
  • Kudu, oryx, klipspringer and the elusive mountain zebra are often seen along the way
  • Times: Winter (April to October) leave at 8am back by 3/4pm
  • Summer (November to March) leave at 6am back by 12/1pm


Day Canyon Hike

April – September

  • Full one day hike down to the canyon and back again is a distance of approximately 8km or 16km one way
  • High level of fitness is required for this hike
  • Trainers or hiking boots are essential